Flymo EasiLife GO 500 Robotic Lawnmower


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Flymo EasiLife GO 500 Robotic Lawnmower

Flymo EasiLife GO 500 Robotic Lawnmower


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    The Flymo EasiLife GO 500 battery powered fully automatic robotic lawnmower offers a smaller and more simplified interface, simply “Push & Go.” The EasiLife GO 500 is controlled almost completely via the Flymo EasiLife smartphone app. This means that there are no complicated screens or controls on the mower itself, yet it still cuts your grass with minimal effort and is suitable for gardens up to 500m2.

    With its easy programming from the smartphone app, simply choose your lawn size, mowing frequency and start time and the Flymo EasiLife GO 500 calculates the perfect cutting schedule.

    The Flymo EasiLife GO 500 Robotic Lawnmower boasts LawnSense and FrostSense technology to automatically adapt cutting schedules based on weather and lawn growth conditions.

    Enjoy complete freedom as the charging station can be placed virtually anywhere around the edge of the lawn.

    The patented guide wire technology and multiple start points optimise navigation to and from the charge station to prevent track marks on your lawn, ensuring each corner of the lawn is cut.

    By scheduling regular mowing, the Flymo EasiLife GO 500 returns grass clippings back into the lawn as mulch acting as a natural fertiliser leaving a healthier lawn.

    It even has security PIN protection to prevent unwanted access to the mower. Access special functions such as spot cut, override, second area, or park to fit.


    • Model: 970463201
    • Simple Push & Go interface and advanced smartphone control using the Flymo EasiLife app
    • 3 pivoting razor blades
    • PassageSense to tackle narrow areas with ease
    • LawnSense and FrostSense technology - automatically optimises the cutting schedule to the weather and lawn growth conditions
    • Guide wire technology - mows every corner of the lawn
    • Built in tilt and lift sensor safety
    • Works on slopes up to a 25% gradient
    • Flexible charging position
    • Cutting Heights: 2-5cm
    • Cutting Width: 16cm
    • Hose washable
    • Returns grass clipping as mulch back into the lawn
    • Sound level: 58 dB(A) - Ultra Quiet
    • Weight: 6.1 (Kg)
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Stock No: 3007316OH