Flymo PowerVac 3000 Garden Blower Vacuum


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Flymo PowerVac 3000 Garden Blower Vacuum

Flymo PowerVac 3000 Garden Blower Vacuum


Stock No: 3073961OH

  • Product Description

    The Flymo PowerVac 3000 is a powerful easy to use garden blower that will leave your garden looking neat and tidy!

    Garden vacuums can help with the long task of clearing fallen leaves and light garden debris. Leaf blowers clear areas using a strong jet of air so the leaves can be blown into piles to be transferred to compost bins or to be disposed of.

    This Garden Blower Vacuum enables garden waste to be blown from awkward areas then collected and shredded as it enters a large 45 litre collection bag - reducing the volume and the time taken to rot in the compost bin.

    Use the blower mode for sweeping debris or grass clippings from driveways, patios, etc. and for blowing grass clippings, straw, or leaves into piles, or removing debris from corners, around joints, or between bricks. The vacuum function is perfect for picking up dry material such as leaves, grass, small twigs, and bits of paper.

    On the Powervac 3000 changing from blow to vacuum modes is as simple as flicking a switch thanks to a unique tool-less QuickChange system.

    With a shredding ratio of 16:1 this garden vacuum will reduce the volume of leaves leaving you with less waste and equipped with a 10m cable you can move around your garden with ease.


    • Model: 967658101
    • Perfect for medium sized gardens
    • Collection Capacity: 45 Litres
    • Blow Mode - with a blow speed of 345 km/hr
    • Air Speed: 86.11 m/s
    • Air Flow In Pipe: 10.19 m³/min
    • Shredding ratio of 16:1
    • Shredding facility
    • Quick Change - easily change from blower to vac
    • Vacuum Mode - vacuums up the leaves for a neat and tidy garden
    • Cable length: 10m
    • Weight: 5.2 (Kg)
    • Colour: Orange
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Stock No: 3073961OH